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I have been intensively involved with wine for over 20 years. Every year I taste more than 1'000 wines and it happens that I come across a wine that is unique. This happened again yesterday:

A Chasselas Sélection Nature, from the Domaine de la Ville de Morges.

« La Ville de Morges » has owned the vineyards since 1547. They cultivate a total of 15 hectares, with a total of 10 different grape varieties, all under the strict conditions of BIO-Suisse, with the «Knospe » label. Chasselas, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Doral in white, Gamay, Pinot Noir, Servagnin, Garanoir, Gamaret and Galotta in red.

Four different wine brands were produced:

- the cuvées " Belle Rive, La Grand'Rue, Le Protagoniste ".

- Sélection Nature

- Vinification en Barrique

- Mousseux

The wine that really impressed me, is from the Sélection Nature line.

Five single-varietal wines are produced to date, Chasselas, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay.

What is special about these wines :

- the vines come from a specific plot, which is the reason of the name " Parcelle ".

- the wines are all fermented spontaneously

- no synthesis and no use of additives

- No sulphur is added, only the sulphur produced during fermentation.

- the yeast is not removed during the vinification of the wines

- no filtration

- maturing in egg-shaped cement vats

I was very impressed by the Chasselas. The grapes come from parcel 900, therefore the name " Parcelle 900 ".

The colour is a clear golden yellow with a light rim and strong streaking on the glass. The nose is , clean, bright, open and smells of ripe yellow fruits.  Mirabelle and pear share the rank, then a fine yeast note appears in the background. Very complex. The attack on the palate is soft, round and full-bodied. Then comes a minerality, accompanied by a fine, well-integrated straightforward acidity, which for me indicates greatness in wines … and what a melting and long finish. For me personally, a huge surprise, one of the best Chasselas I have ever tasted.

Dear reader, I would like to give you a tip; wines that are fermented spontaneously, without the addition of sulphur, change over time. They live !

And last but not least ... Whoever knows more is cordially invited to share his knowledge or experience, the more we learn and the more knowledge we have!

Thank you for your attention and have fun



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