A wine recommendation for Asparagus

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The asparagus season is starting again, and what would asparagus be without wine ...
There has been a lot of movement in the wine world in recent years, especially marketing is playing an increasingly important role. If you go through the shelves of the shops, you find more and more fancy labels, bottles in every shape, fantasy names, there is nothing that doesn't exist. I am of the opinion that "classics never die", and one classic I would like to introduce to you today :

Johannisberg "Siccus" from the Domaine Mont D'Or

Johannisberg, as the Sylvaner is called in Valais, has become one of the most important grape varieties in the region, along with the Fendant variety. The origin of the name comes from the 19th century, when the Johannisberg found its way to the Valais from the Johannisberg area in Germany. The Johannisberg needs very good exposures, and a lot of acute sensibility and know-how when vinifying. The Valais Johannisberg is less on the fruity side, but more on herbs, tea and almond notes, all this when it comes from a good house, paired with a great acidity and slightly sweet finish - and just - excellent with white asparagus.

The Domaine Mont d'Or is one of the most prestigious wineries in Switzerland. It owns a total of 24 hectares of vineyards, all on the same strand, which is exceptional for Switzerland. The vines growes on an picture book sites, consisting of a total of 220 terraces. The terroir is dominated by limestone slate and sandstone, (a word about slate - this is my personal opinion - the best wines in the world grow on slate soils), and the house speciality is Johannisberg. Mont d'Or has been producing the best Johannisberg wines for years, and the Siccus is UNBEATABLE in price-quality terms !!!

For more info see link below https://montdor.ch/produit/mont-dor-johannisberg/?lang=de

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