The idea

I have many interests, as can be seen in the selection of the categories on this blog. But I do not know myself with all aspects good enough to properly tell or write much about it. That’s why it is very expressive and very exciting, to talk to people who are knowledgeable about the various interests or reading about it. Thats why I want to bring together the people to a multiinterstscomlunity on blog of interests.

On BOI anyone can blog! Anyone who has the time and has the inclination and would like to tell something about the different interests. (Subscribe here)

Those are the interests:


Here you can blog all about wine, if it is with professional knowledge of wine, if it is a great wine restaurant nearby, if you detected a brilliant winery or just about the wine we drank in the last vacations.


Here, everything revolves around coffee. Who knows more about the production of his favorite variety or who has discovered a great cafe in his city and would like to introduce to the world? No problem at all, just go to BOI log your self in just start blogging


It's very hard to resist this sweet temptation. Let us participate, if you have found somewhere an incredible  chocolate manufacture or if you have perhaps ever produced chocolate itself. Just tell us about it.


Do you know a few crazy people tinker with motorcycles,bicycles or something else? Then write it out a blog post on BOI about them. Or if you have just started a project yourself, show us your progress.


The world is diverse and beautiful! Do you also love it to keep this on pictures? Than show us some of your snapshots or tel us how to make some beautiful pictures!


Architecture is fascinating to, but also abstract for many of us. To have a look behind the work of an architect and to learn more from the building design and the steps the craftsman have to do till the finished building is for sure extremely exciting.

Travel Like

Vacations are the best time of the year. The world is so incredibly impressive. If you associate your free time with our unique world, so traveling and experiencing, tell us about it. Show us your secrets, beaches, etc.

Lifestyle Like

There are many wonderful things in the world, such as cool furniture or decoration items, fashion or food, parties and trends. This interest is therefore extremely open - easy for things that give your life exactly the specific style!

I'm really looking forward to your ideas, stories and what you have to tell else. Please help us to create an interesting and varied community.

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